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 Transform your speakers

with a multichannel DSP Amplifier

Deluxe mini

Deluxe Mini is a networked, multichannel DSP Amplifier.

An All-In-One Pre-Amp, 8 Channel DAC,

6 – 50 Watts/Channel Amplifier

with powerful DSP for all 10 channels.

DSP Amplifier by Acoustas Deluxe MINI


DSP Amplifier by Acoustas Deluxe MINI

Deluxe Mini Functional Diagram

Deluxe Mini Introduction Video

Deluxe Mini Controls

Deluxe Mini comes in two finishes White Opel and Onyx.

White Opel


Deluxe Mini Enclosures

All sides of the Deluxe Mini enclosure are precision CNC machined out of high-quality aluminum. CNC machining aluminum is the optimal choice for crafting audio amplifier enclosures, surpassing extruded aluminum and bent steel in multiple critical aspects. Its precision and consistency guarantee tight tolerances, ensuring exceptional stability and performance, while its high level of customization facilitates intricate designs. CNC machined aluminum offers both material strength and durability, excellent heat dissipation, and an aesthetically pleasing finish, making it the superior choice for high-performance audio enclosures.

In these two quick videos, you will see the back panel of the Deluxe Mini being CNC machined.