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About Us

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ACOUSTAS is audio and acoustics company located in Richmond, Virginia USA.

We strive to bring acoustic technology beyond its previously foreseen limits while staying true to your ears with a natural acoustical sound.  At Acoustas we are inspired to provide great products that players love to use.  Our designs are built around serving the musicians with the cleanest, most natural possible sound.  Our team consists of musicians, engineers, and artists.  We live and breathe music, engineering, and art. We work closely with Lava Labs in Richmond, Virginia for circuit design, layouts and development.

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Everyday our goal is to not just make a great product, but also deliver an amazing experience for the musician and their audiences.  We want to empower players to focus on the music and the performance while fully relying on our systems.

This is why we designed Melody-G to be the most advanced, state of the art microphone system that is both powerful and compact while maintaining its ease of use to the musician.  Last but certainly not least, our design, engineering, and manufacturing is proudly done in the USA.

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We have built amazing relationships with our partners and suppliers all over the world to design, prototype and manufacture the most quality and durable product possible.  Acoustas wants people to associate its logo with quality you can trust.

Our products combine sophisticated manufacturing and hand made components into something greater then the sum of all parts.  Every inch is important to us.  Attention to detail is paramount, and we want it to show.