“What is the best way to amplify or record an acoustic guitar?”  Most pros will tell you that microphones will give you the most realistic sound.

This is the Acoustas GX1 wireless acoustic guitar microphone system.  It’s wireless mic that actually reproduces the true sound of your acoustic guitar. The GX1 is a one of a kind creation designed specifically to be used on the inside of any type of acoustic guitar.

When you get the GX1, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you play classical, dobro, acoustic lap steel, or a traditional acoustic guitar, the GX1 will reproduce its tone identically.  The wood, the strings, even the way you play the instrument will dictate how it sounds through this mic system, and  since it’s wireless, you won’t need to worry about coming unplugged when you’re getting into the music.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch some of our demo videos to see for yourself what the GX1 can do for you.

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