Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has been in search of the best way to communicate.  First came language and speech, and with it came music and dance which is still a universal form of communication.

Even going back to ancient Rome and Athens, we see amphitheaters built right into the city.  Thousands would gather to experience this brand new art form.  The stage performance was born.

A few millennium later, mankind is still asking themselves how to better the experience of live and recorded theatre and music.  Acoustas has a new answer to that question.  The “Onemic.”

In those days, theaters were built strategically for acoustic sound wave projection.  Today, venues and theaters alike are being built to sustain the sound coming from PA systems.  The Onemic recreates the natural clarity which brings the listener back to the days of those large amphitheaters making it sound as if you were right in front of the performer, while allowing you to control the volume digitally.  How, you ask?:  It’s all in the technology that Acoustas has added to the microphone.

Not only is the Onemic very compact and elegant, it is completely wireless, and has an unimaginably clear sound quality giving you the confidence you deserve behind a microphone.

With the Onemic, you can capture sound with crystal clarity and discreteness.   Weighing less than 80 grams, and being about the size of makeup compact, this mic is the most versatile yet in the Acoustas family of products.  Use this mic for stage performances, video, and studio recording.  The Onemic comes with a unique magnet attaching mic clip that fits on any standard mic stand.