Accordion Microphone Systems GCF-SOLO | AMx7HD | AMx11HD

Choose from 3 types of microphones for your accordion

GCF-SOLO is a compact external right side external accordion microphone – white or black wireless see in the store.

Feather Light  Attaches with Velcro

Feather Light Attaches with Velcro

AMx7HD comes in wired or wireless options.  It has two microphones on the right treble side and one for the bass and chords. The system also come with stereo out wired or wireless. So you can mix your left or right side how ever you choose.


AMx11HD is the biggest and most comprehensive system available in the world for an accordion today. It also comes in wired and wireless options.  It features 3 microphones on the right and one one the left.

AMX11HD Wired Microphones

AMX11HD Wired Microphones